un·re·mark·a·ble    (ŭn’rĭ-mär’kə-bəl)
adj.  Lacking distinction; ordinary.

I point that out because some have expressed a heightened concern after I wrote the post last night. Everyone: unremarkable is good! It means there was nothing of notice on the results that indicated a problem. When looking at the physical makeup of the brain, you want normal all across the board. When its born and playing Mozart on the piano at four, then we’ll talk remarkable. Until then, calm down, folks, all is fine.

Other than that, I was surprised how little a doctor gets involved. Yesterday was my first visit with Annie to the actual doctor’s office. I attended both ultrasounds, but this was the first time I went with her to the doctor for the results. Side note: Let me say there is no other way to feel except awkward, when the ol’ wife has to go the bathroom, and I’m left out in the hall holding her purse. Is there any way to smile and look like you (a man) belong in an OB/GYN office without looking like a total ass? The answer… No. Not to mention the fact that Annie’s nurse acted like she hated her job more than Republicans hate Obama. I mean, come on, you tell the patient to step on a scale and you measure blood pressure, how bad could your job be? But I digress…

Back to the doctor, whom was remarkably (there we go again with that word) brief. He listened to the heartbeat, asked us if we signed off on some paperwork, asked us if we had questions, and said come back in four weeks. That last run-on sentence lasted longer than the doctor!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy it was short. A short visit is a good visit… Shall I even say… Unremarkable? Yes, yes I shall.

Database Meltdown

Sorry for the site being down most of the day. I’m not even sure how it happened, but sometime last night the database crashed. Luckily I had a backup, but still had to reconfigure the site design and layout, and upload all the images again. Now all should be fixed, and all user logins should work. If by chance you have a problem with anything, please email me.

BTW, we had our follow up at the doctor today, and all was normal. In fact they said our baby has an unremarkable brain. Must run in the family…


Okay fellow readers, we need your help. It’s almost March and that’s when Annie and I are going to tackle the baby’s room. We have figured out our colors and theme, but need a little help from you in deciding one particular aspect. Both of us are art lovers, and I have been known to dabble in painting from time to time. For the baby’s room we have decided to go with black and white as our decor, with splashes of color as ascents. Those colors are orange, cyan, and green. Think Andy Warhol. That’s important because I’m going to paint 3 different canvases for the room.

I want to do the paintings in the tradition of Warhol and pick three iconic baby images. I have the first two figured out: The Gerber baby and the Coppertone girl. All I need is a third. I have gotten a few suggestions, but none has really worked. Someone suggested the RCA dog, and I thought about something like a rubber ducky, but neither really work. Each canvas will be a solid color mentioned above, with black and white as detail.

So come on people, Let’s see those ideas!

The 20-week Ultrasound

The baby's head at 20 weeks. See that cute little nose?
The baby's head at 20 weeks. See that cute little nose?

Let me first say that technology really is amazing sometimes. When we went to the first ultrasound, the first time I saw the baby on the screen was a marvelous site. Simply because right there, on the screen, was proof. Of course, at 10-12 weeks, you are not going to see much development, but it’s still a site to see.

Today was even better. Even though we don’t know for sure if everything is normal until the doctor’s appointment Thursday, the technician seemed to believe that everything looked good. Well, except that the baby had its head buried most of the time, making it hard on the tech to get a really good scan of the brain and its inner workings. Annie tried laying on her side to get the baby to move its head, but it was stubborn; much like his/her mother. Haha.

Regardless, we learned much. As far as we know, all hands, feet, and organs were accounted for. I’m not sure if the tech would have told us if something was wrong anyway, so we’ll update everyone again on Thursday, but from my view, everything looked good to me. And just to reiterate, there was nothing abnormal about the head being where it was, but the tech did say we may need to come back for another ultrasound if the doc didn’t get a good view on the scans she took. I say bring it on. I could watch all day.


So tomorrow is our week 20 ultrasound. For those of you that are familiar with these types of things, you know that during this procedure it’s possible to find out what the sex is. I know many of you are anxious to know what it will be. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you with the news that we are going to wait to find out.

I can’t lie, at first I really wanted to know, but Annie didn’t. She asked me why, and I ultimately said it was mostly just because I wanted to know, not that I needed to know. My gut reaction was I have to know because I wanted to prepare myself for the impending arrival; if it’s a girl I needed to this, and if it’s a boy I needed to do that… Etc… Etc …

The fact of the matter is I don’t care what the sex is. I’ve thought about this awhile, and I’m happy to have either equally, so I don’t need to know right away. A boy would be great for many reasons, but also a girl would be amazing as well. Considering I have 5 nephews and no nieces, it’s safe to say the odds are in my favor of a girl. I should just go ahead and prepare myself for pigtails and summer dresses.

Annie wants to wait so she could be surprised. She relishes her ability at delayed gratification, but I can’t say I share the same fortitude. I was the kid that unwrapped his Xmas presents and taped them back up before the big day arrived. My parents eventually discovered this and hid the presents, but I digress…

So we are going to wait… Sorry everyone.

We promise to make it easy for anyone that wants to get us something, and have been pretty pleased so far with the vast selection of neutral baby items out there. We are still in the process of registering for things, but we’ll notify everyone when they’re available.

Of course, after the ultrasound tomorrow, we’ll have new sonograms to show everyone. I hope to get them on here ASAP. And even though we are going to wait, I can’t say that I won’t be looking around on that tiny monitor for a little hint as to what the baby might be. Unlike a Xmas present, I can’t literally shake Annie to find out what’s inside, but you can’t keep me from still trying to peek.


A quick note about passwords. I can’t really change how passwords are generated by WordPress. If I had my way I’d let everyone make up their own. I have also noticed that the password verification email sometimes gets labeled as SPAM. If that is the case, please check your SPAM folder before you ask for another password. However, If you still don’t get your email, or have trouble logging in with the one you got, email us, and I can change it to a password of your choice.

Happy Saturday!

The first kick

Over the past few days we have been playing the fun game of guessing whether the baby is kicking, or if it is just Annie’s rumbling tummy. It’s hard to tell because as some of you know, Annie is constantly hungry these days. So in the spirit of the Olympics, we decided to play the game again. At first we felt nothing, then, BAM, I was positive I felt a swift kick to the tummy. Annie felt it too, and we sat there, almost disbelieving. I guess there still is a small portion of disbelief, because neither of us rejoiced like the books say first time parents do, but it WAS cool. We can’t wait to see the little bugger in action at the ultrasound on Monday.

The first post

Hello everyone. We hope to update this blog often. We hate that not everyone can be with us as we spend these last few months before the baby is born. We wish that you could all be here for the birth, and to watch our little bundle of joy grow. We can’t be there for you in physical form, we hope that through this blog you can still be a part of it all.

Please register as a user and vote on the sex of the baby. By doing that we will keep track of who votes, and the people who guess correctly will get a chance to win something. Prize will be determined at a later date… Or at the very least we’ll give you a shout-out here on the blog!

Eric and Annie