Awhile back I wrote a post about feeling the baby move. Like I mentioned before, the first time we felt the baby move, it was exciting, but at the same time, hard to recognize it was really the baby moving and not the spicy burrito Annie had for dinner.

Beware! Alien life form!
Beware! Alien life form!

Recently a new phenomenon has had us laughing our heads off: Not just feeling the baby move, but also SEEING it! There is no doubt now that the baby is active. The first night we noticed I set up a little experiment. I took a few coins out of my pocket and laid them on her tummy. Sure enough, after a few minutes, it was visually obvious the baby was punching or kicking. Boy or girl, we may have a prizefighter!

At one point it looked just like a scene from Alien. The baby moved close to the surface, and it looked exactly like I put my hand under a blanket and moved it. It’s pretty freaky, but wow, is it cool to see! If you learn only one thing from the movie Spaceballs, don’t order the Special… Always get the soup.

In other news, the baby room is slowly coming together. We moved the bed and other furniture out, and the crib in. Now I just have to assemble it. I’ll be sure to post pictures once it gets in better shape. We are getting pretty excited… Less than 4 months away now! Wow, time flies!

Tweet, tweet…

Is that the sound of my Twitter account? No, just the sound of crickets. Nothing much to report this week. I suppose that’s a good thing. Annie is doing well, and continues to gain weight at a normal rate. I thought she would have some sort of bizarre cravings at this point, but things have been fairly routine. Unless you count the argument that one can of root beer and several scoops of ice cream is still only one serving despite the fact it takes up TWO glasses when combined. I say two servings… what say you?

In other news, I think I’ve decided on what I want to paint. It was a long process of back and forth. Do I do baby icons, cartoon characters, Muppets, etc etc…? Well, ultimately I went with something that was both very important in our childhood: Dr. Seuss.

So far I’ve decided on Green Eggs and Ham, Cat in the Hat, and Horton. Each should fit the color scheme nicely. At first I was skeptical, because Hollywood has almost ruined the vivid magical world that Dr. Seuss imagined. I guess it’s our job as parents to make sure our children never ever watch any of the current live-action or CGI films. Let me be clear that I’m not grouping the 1966 Chuck Jones, Boris Karloff voiced Grinch movie in that category. That cartoon is STILL one of the greatest Christmas movies of all-time! I’ll be sure to post pictures whenever I finish the paintings.

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