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Month: November 2010

A very important milestone

A very important milestone

I’ve been delinquent in my postings. I know. As many of you know, parenting is hard work. So sue me.

Kidding aside… Yes, I have been delinquent, but it’s not simply because we’ve been busy parents. First of all, I’m not a superstitious person, but I was a bit hesitant to write about Frances for the past 2 months. Like I said, I don’t believe in superstitions, but a part of me thinks I’m going to post this disclosure, and then Frances will stop doing it… But here it goes anyway:

Frances has been sleeping through the night continuously, and consistently, from 8pm to 7am, for almost 2 months now.

Can you believe that?!? It started about a week before her first shots and 2 month birthday. Admittedly that first night we were a bit worried. Why didn’t she wake up? Etc… Then the next few days followed and we begin to think: “Could this really be happening already?”

We’ve read the books, and we’ve heard from other parents. Getting your child to sleep through the night can be a nightmare. We also know that their schedule can suddenly change for no reason. So Frances could still revert or change her schedule, but for now, it’s pretty wonderful. The best part is that after 10-11 hours of sleeping, she doesn’t wake up screaming for food. More often than not we are greeted to a smiling, cooing baby. Like I said, she’s awesome.

It couldn’t have come at a better time either, because Annie was starting back to work, and before that we didn’t know what we were going to do if she didn’t start sleeping through the night. We both were suffering from lack of sleep. And then “poof”, our prayers were answered.

Before you think I’m just going to gloat this whole post, I will say that napping is now an issue. We haven’t gotten her on any real nap schedule, and as a result she sleeps sporadically. Sometimes it’s for 2 hours, and sometimes it’s only 30 minutes at a time. And let me tell you: those days of only 30 minute naps make for a very cranky Frances in the afternoon.

She has become very aware of her surroundings, and loves to watch us. She doesn’t want to miss anything, and thus fights going to sleep during the day. So much that by 4 or 5pm she is exhausted, rubbing her eyes, wailing, but still not falling asleep.

Then around 6:30-7:00, you can tell. From that point, you only have a certain window of opportunity to bathe her, get her changed in her sleeper, and feed her before she absolutely goes comatose. And I mean out. The house could be on fire, and Dexter could be howling at the moon, but she’s not waking.

We try to put her in her crib while she’s awake so she can learn to fall asleep there, but it’s hard. We are still working on the whole “last feeding/falling asleep” procedure, but I think so far, so good.

In other news she is also beginning to turn over. At first we though it was great. She began with tummy to back, and just recently she can now go back to tummy. This is an important milestone, and while I’m happy she is on schedule, it kind of puts the reminder out there that Stationary Frances will soon become Mobile Frances. I’m not sure Annie or I is ready for that. Case in point… Changing a diaper used to be really easy, but now she insists on turning on her side. I can only assume it going to get harder to wrangler her in.

That’s the joy of parenthood, I suppose. To she her change and grow. She’s everything we wanted and more. Are we gloating? Yeah, a little bit… Get used to it.

A few new pics: