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Month: January 2011

6 months

6 months

Frances enjoying a day at the park on her 6 Month Birthday
Frances enjoying a day at the park on her 6 Month Birthday

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 6 months now since Frances graced us with her presence. I’m going to write this blog post off the cuff, because i didn’t really have a plan or direction for what I was going to write. I know I seem to say in every post just how amazing she is, but as a new parent, it’s really hard for me not to gush about her.

I never thought that someone, other than my wife, would have such a profound positive effect on my life. I’ll preface it by saying that by no means has my life been trying or a disappointment, I just mean it’s so much better with those two ladies in my life.

Annie doesn’t get the recognition and love she deserves on this blog by me… because well, mostly it’s supposed to be a blog about Frances, but it needs to be pointed out: Annie is a great mom. I see the sadness in her eyes each morning when she wakes for work, and has to walk out that door to spend the day teaching other people’s children. I hate that she has to work, but we both agreed that it wasn’t an option to stay at home. Thankfully, I can at least babysit part of the day (For those of you that don’t know, I work from my home). Annie’s mom, Susan, has been great, and has offered to babysit part of the day so I can work too. It’s a juggling act for all of us, but I also think it’s the best option. So far it’s worked out great, and we have been so pleased with Frances’s disposition so far.

For those that don’t get to see her, I can say we have a pretty happy social baby. For two parents that aren’t exactly social butterflies, Frances is all smiles when she sees people. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get her to take a nap with people around. You’d think that would make for a cranky baby, but no… She’s all smiles and laughter.

I consider myself to be truly blessed for having a baby with that type of disposition. I wish we could take all the credit for it, but I just think that’s the type of baby we got. She still sleeps through the night from roughly 7pm to 6:30am, and mostly awakes babbling instead of crying.

However, I know times they are a changing. It’s been so wonderful to be able to put her down to play, and not worry about her going anywhere. Those days are over. What we’ve witnessed in the past few days have been amazing. First it started with her pushing up on all fours like she is doing a push up. Then she began rocking back and forth. Yesterday we witnessed her starting to really try to coordinate her arms and legs moving independently. She hasn’t totally gotten it down yet, but little by little she is able to move forward. It’s not a full on crawl, but a series of starts and stops, grunting, falling, pushing up, rocking, thrusting forward with her back legs, moving one arm in front of her type action. It’s hilarious to see the determination on her face. When she wants to get somewhere or grasp a toy that’s out of reach, rest assured, she’ll get there one way or another.

In other words, she’s growing up faster than I expected. Neither of us is ready for her to be that mobile just yet. Now the race is on to secure the house to make it safe for her.

Crazy kid… Happy 6 Month Birthday, Frances