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Month: April 2011

April Update

April Update

Holy beegeesus, is it April already?!?

Where do I start? Frances is almost 9 months old now. I guess that’s a good a place to start as any. 9 months. Wow. In many ways that’s a hard one to wrap my head around. I’ve been a dad for 9 months. It’s been a great journey so far.

Frances in a Red BowI started this blog in February last year as a voice to all my friends and family that wanted to follow along in our lives as new parents. I do apologize for my lack of updates recently. I kept saying to myself that Frances isn’t doing that much, so I didn’t want to bore people with the insignificant minutia of our lives. But then I realized that what I really was saying was “Frances isn’t walking yet, so why post anything?”. The truth is that she is doing some amazing things, and I’ve just been blinded by my own expectations.

I don’t think I’ve been secretive or humble about what a great baby we have. Frances has been ahead of the curve in just about everything. She rolled over very early, she started crawling WAY sooner than most, and she started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks.  I can see the determination in her eye in everything she does. Now she is a crawling machine, and part of me thinks that because she is so good at that, she probably doesn’t have the motivation to walk yet. Yes, I know it’s still extremely early for a baby to walk at 9 months, but like I said before, obviously I have unhealthy expectations. But hey, she set the bar, not me! I’m kidding of course. I’m not really disappointed, but I think it has clouded my appreciation of all the other little things she is doing.

Let me count the ways:

It’s a milestone that can be deceptive. Is she really mimicking, or just in her own world? At first it’s really hard to tell, but eventually you start to see it. She has a few things that she is becoming more consistent on. One is waving. If you tell her bye and wave your hand, most times she will try to do the same. Another is clapping. This one is a new one, and you can tell she is still trying to figure this one out, but it’s still pretty cute. My favorite is her making a clicking noise with her mouth. Almost every time you do it, she will do it too. I was kinda surprised just how good she has gotten at it.

Pincher grasp.
We bought these little dissolving organic rice thingys that are flavored naturally with sweet potato and blueberries. They look like cereal, but pose a very low risk of choking. At first she didn’t know what to do. She would palm them and try to shove them in her mouth. The first time we tossed a few on her high chair tray it took her 5 minutes to eat one. It was pretty funny, and I regret not getting that on video. Now she is a pro. We put 3 down on her tray and turned our backs and a few seconds later turned around and they were gone. We thought she dropped them. We looked on the floor, in her seat, but couldn’t find them. So we gave her another and watched intently. Sure enough, her little thumb and forefinger came together and snatched up the treat in no time flat. Don’t believe? Then watch the video (Coming soon).

Though not standing on her own or walking, she is cruising and pulling herself up on things quite well. We bought a nice carpet remnant and had the edges bound and sized at 9×12. So basically she has the whole living room as a play pen. She is constantly pulling herself up on the couches or looking out the window… Or shall I say trying to chew on the window sill. Yes, everything still goes right to her mouth. Remotes, books, cell phones (Ahhhh, not my iPhone!)… You name it, she’ll try it. Surprisingly she still only has those two front teeth. She went through a spell last month where she was a drooling machine, and thought more were coming, but still nothing.

Pretty self-explanatory. She points at everything. And yes… It’s hilariously cute.

That’s it for now. Next blog coming very soon. I even have a topic: Homemade baby food. Yum!