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Month: September 2011

Little Lady

Little Lady

Hey, Everybody… what’s up?
Yeah, I know. I suck. What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t blog, right?
This time I make no promises. I would like to say that I am going to update more often, but who am I kidding? Certainly not you, savvy reader. I know I can’t fool you.


All that aside, I really do miss sitting down and updating everyone. I have tremendous pride being a parent, and I think (as I’ve said many times) Frances is a pretty kick-ass kid. Yes, I said kid… not baby.

Little Frances is growing up so fast and it would be an injustice to keep calling her “baby” Frances. I think we have a full-on toddler on our hands. She started walking at 11 months and hasn’t stopped since. Seriously, she’s a walking machine. Soon to be a climbing/running “you can’t catch me” machine. I know because I see it in her eyes.

It’s been awhile since the last post so it’s hard to sum up all that she is doing now. She’s not speaking Mandarin or curing cancer or anything like that, but I think we have a pretty smart girl.

We’ve always been diligent about reading to her, and most always sit down, rock, and read a book before bed. Our book collection is quite vast now. Just in time to be obsolete to the e-readers. “Paper? What’s that?” I can’t wait to hear that question out of Frances’ mouth one day. It’s gonna happen. You watch.

Anyway… like I was saying. We read to her, but now she reads to herself. It’s complete gibberish, but she takes her finger and follows the words while she babbles gobblety-gook. It’s pretty cute.

Already breaking the law: talking on the phone and driving
Already breaking the law: talking on the phone and driving

She can also have full on conversation with the remote or anything else that remotely looks like a phone. She just picks it up to her ear and jabbers. When the phone actually does ring, she gets super-excited. Her and her aunt Sara had like a 15 minute long conversation a few days ago.

I know I promised a food post many moons ago. What I was going to say in that entry was how easy it was to make her baby food. I know buying the food in the jars can be convenient, but seriously in a weekend for a few hours we cooked, blended and froze enough food for MONTHS! Even better, she really loved the foods we gave her. All that’s kind of moot because now, for the most part, we just feed her whatever we are eating. So far she’s not too finicky. We’ve isolated a few things she doesn’t like: For some reason the texture of the broccoli crowns is not for her. It’s not the taste because she’ll eat the stems just fine. For awhile she didn’t like eggs, but now I think she likes them. Lastly we made her this chicken stew stuff with thighs, carrots, and a few other veggies I can’t remember. She hated it plain, but mix a little smooth greek yogurt and she loved it. Now we are just trying to get her to use a spoon or fork. It’s slow going, but she is starting to get it. The biggest thing we try to do is feed her healthy pure foods. You’d be amazed at the amount of processed sugars in some jarred baby food and baby snacks. Even if you go the jar route, be sure to check the labels… you might be surprised at what you find. Even peanut butter is easy to make, and it tastes WAY better than the stuff you buy at the store. It’s also cheaper and healthier!

Learning to use a fork
Learning to use a fork

For those wondering, we made it a little over a year breastfeeding. I say that not to be bragging or condescending to those that went the formula route or stopped early. I honestly believe that both methods are fine. We just did what we thought was best for us. She pumped at work and froze the excess, and as she weened, we fed her the frozen milk. When it all ran out we transitioned right to organic whole milk. Which she absolutely loves. She gets so giddy when we fill her sippy cup. The slow transition worked out great for Annie. For someone who had clogged ducts and painful hard lumps when first feeding, she was scared she would get them during the weening process. We are happy to report that for the most part it went pain free.

Frances is a healthily happy girl who is quickly growing up. It’s quite scary actually.
Current words she speaks:
Dada (her favorite)
momma (although it’s rare)
ba NA NA
nite nite (although it’s sounds awfully close to NANA)
what’s that?
Uh oh

Getting ready to take a ride in her new baby trailer that's attached to my bike.
Getting ready to take a ride in her new baby trailer that's attached to my bike.

What’s even cooler is that she understands us. Tell her to take a rest, and she’ll lay down on a pillow and close her eyes. Tell her to go get Clifford and she’ll grab and hug her stuffed red dog. Get your milk will prompt her to pick up her sippy cup and drink. Say bye or hi to her and she’ll wave at you. She is also getting very good at stacking the doughnut-shaped wooden toys on a the wooden stick.

I think that’s about it for now… I think I hear her waking from her nap.