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Month: December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Well, hello there everyone. It’s almost 2012, so I figure I better squeeze in a blog post before the New Year.
Ah yes, the obligatory year-in-review post… And what a year it’s been.

Frances with Santa
Frances with Santa

January marked Frances’ six month birthday.
In February we watched as she crawled for the first time.
March was the first eye-opener that she is growing up too fast as we witnessed her standing for the first time in her crib on her own. We quickly lowered the mattress to the lowest setting in the crib.
April passed and she picked up the skill of stair climbing.
May came and she got braver and braver about standing on her own. We were convinced that during those two months she would be walking. But alas, it didn’t happen.

June rolled around, and we took off for our trip across the country to Kentucky. Frances was a real champ on the trip, and we all had a great time. Perhaps the biggest news in June was she learned to walk and that my parents got to see her take her first steps. All a month before her first birthday!.. Which by the way, her first birthday party was a success, and again I thank everyone that came.

After that the posts were few and far between. I know. I’m a terrible blogger. I won’t be winning any awards for quantity. However, during those months, Frances was exploding before our eyes. She was growing exponentially. She is still in the 95% of height. We have to dress her in 18-24 stuff all the time because everything else is so short.
Her vocabulary seems to grow every day. She still babbles A LOT, but sometimes she has a moment of clarity, and it seems like the rants make sense. Other than that, she is still belting out single words, but not limited to: Eat, Milk, Shoes, Book, Dog, Dadda, Mamma, Pappa, Knock Knock, Yuck, and her personal favorite: NO NO NO!. Momma and Dadda aren’t too fond of that last one. She even knows how to sign for milk, please, book, shoes, more and all done. And let me tell you, these signs have cut down the whining and crying for things considerably. “Please” was the best thing we ever taught her.

But she is not all perfection. The terrible twos have arrived early and the tantrums have begun. She is an extremely independent lady and wants to do everything herself. Things like walking up the stairs upright, getting in and out of a chair, etc… You know, things that would break her neck if she tried these on her own. If she can’t do these things on her own she is devastated. Or at least that’s the look on her face.
But other than the threat of personal injury, she truly is an awesome baby. She smiles all the time, and says hi to everyone she meets. She’s probably more social than either me or Annie, and that’s fine with us.

So as the year closes the next adventure is right around the corner. In a few days we fly to Florida to meet up with my parents. We hope that her first plane ride goes smoothly. We are not too worried about it, but it is a long time to be in the air with a toddler. Especially one that loves to run around free.

So I close with saying thank you for continuing to be interested in our lives. We feel blessed to have great friends and family around us that love Frances and want to follow her as she grows.

Thank you everyone and a happy holidays to all!