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February 10th, 2012 Eric Comments off

… We are having another baby!

Waving to the world

Waving to the world

I warned everyone that we had a follow-up post coming very soon. We couldn’t wait any longer and wanted to shout out to the world that we are expecting another baby in July.

So far all is well, except for the unfortunate morning sickness that Annie got in the 1st Trimester. She seems to be over it now, but according to her it was way worse this time around. She also started to show a bit sooner this time, so we had to decide how long we were going to wait to tell everyone.

Now for the kicker:

We went in for the first ultrasound a few weeks ago. Since we were so early on in the pregnancy the technician immediately told us when we got there that she wouldn’t be able to tell us the sex. We were deflated by this news because many of our friends had told us that they may be able to tell that early.

Surprisingly, during the course of the exam, the technician was having the same issues she had with Frances. In both cases, the babies’ heads were buried with the legs sticking up. Basically giving the technician a poor view of the brain, but a really great view of between the legs! So she sighed and told us that should could probably tell us the sex, but we’d have to come back for the follow-up ultrasound to make sure. She was really clear about her hesitation to tell us, but she also said she was pretty certain is was a………. GIRL!

Baby's head

Baby's head

That’s right, barring any surprises, we should be proud parents of another girl. I was already outnumbered in the house, so what’s one more, eh? We couldn’t be happier, and frankly it saves us money knowing we can recycle the girl clothes we already have.

So thanks, everyone, and stay tuned. We aren’t shifting the focus of the blog insomuch as we are just going to be writing about so much more than Frances now. I think she is going to make a great big sister!

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