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Month: October 2012

Fall is here

Fall is here

I suppose it’s time for an update friends and neighbors.

Taking the girls to the pumpkin patch
Taking the girls to the pumpkin patch

It’s almost Halloween and Fall is here. The girls are growing up faster than I can document. Frances officially started going to daycare twice a week and has since proceeded to get sick every week. No Joke people… Every. Week. I encourage everyone to send their kids to daycare. You gotta boost that immune system before they start Preschool, you know!

I’ve never been shy about describing Frances as extremely outgoing. At the grocery she would always say “hi!” to everyone, and now tells them to put the item back that they just put into their cart by saying something like: “No man, put it back!” She’s awful bossy, she is. So we thought she would LOVE day care. We were SOOOOO wrong.

She hated it… At first anyway. The first 3 weeks, besides getting sick, she would cry when we left her, and inexplicably cry when we picked her up. Normally she is a chatterbox, but she wouldn’t talk at all there. We were extremely confused. It’s like she couldn’t believe we had the audacity to leave her alone with strangers! But little by little she broke from her shell, and now everyone loves her there! The other day one of the kids there said “Wow, Frances can talk!” Progress, my friends… Slow and steady.

We also decided to enroll her in gymnastics. It’s just for toddlers, so she’s not doing anything too fancy. I doubt we’ll have the next Gabby Douglas. I’d rather have the next Janis Joplin (sans Southern Comfort though). But anyway… She loves it and has already developed a bad-ass high five and fist bump. So she’s halfway there I suppose.

Eloise is growing like a weed. She is almost 15lbs! Getting her to take a bottle while Annie went back to work was tough. Frances was so easy to switch back and forth, but for some reason Ellie was not into the bottle at all; even though we are still using breast milk.  However, 2 days later all was well. Now if we can just get her to sleep through the night!

Yeah, that’s right. Eloise is still waking up. Granted it’s not every night. And thank God last night she slept all the way through, but again, by the time Frances was 4 months old, she was sleeping 12 hours straight. Eloise is going to bed sometimes at 10pm and waking up between 2am and 4am. We try not to feed her during the night and usually I’m the one that goes in and comforts her. One whiff of Annie and she’d probably start screaming louder for milk. Not cool, Ellie, not cool at all. Daddy and mommy are too old to be getting so little sleep. And that’s part of the reason why updates have been few and far between. We are exhausted 24/7. Well, I am at least. Yesterday I went to the kitchen to refill my coffee mug and discovered that in addition of putting the half and half back in the fridge, I had also put the coffee pot in there. Good times. Iced coffee it is, I guess.

Let’s face it people. Managing two kids is like herding cats. It’s a constant balancing act, and I don’t see how any single parent out there does it. And let’s not forget that our children are like sponges. Frances repeats things verbatim we said a week ago and had already forgotten about. And not to mention the curse words. Perhaps the hardest part of a parent is censoring what you say around them. It’s hard, damn it… Don’t worry, Frances is napping.

But I love them dearly. Frances is such a character. Immensely funny, and super-smart. Eloise smiles now every time you pick her up, and if you try a little, you can get her to laugh. She loves Frances, and Frances loves her. They are great sisters, and great daughters. Now if only we could get Frances potty trained and Eloise sleeping, it would be like paradise.