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Horton and all 3.

April 11th, 2010 Eric
All 3 - Click image to see a larger version of the painting

All 3 - Click image to see a larger version of the painting

Done! Wow, what a satisfying week. I finish all 3 paintings, AND get our taxes done.

OK… So the paintings aren’t 100% done. I still need to put a finishing varnish on them, but I can’t do that for another 48 hours. However, it IS nice to be working in acrylic again. For those that don’t know, years ago I abandoned working in acrylic and switched to oil-based paint. Don’t get me wrong, I love working in oil, but it requires patience; a virtue I’m often in short supply of. But really, there is no substitute for the buttery texture and ability to work the painting even after a few days have gone by. But sometimes the wait to dry is mind-numbing. Not so in acrylic. The fast-drying properties allowed me to complete the paintings in record time!

Click image to see a larger version of the painting

Click image to see a larger version of the painting

We can’t wait to hang them. Slowly but surely the room is coming together. It’s been a pain to match the colors (green, orange, blue) with stuff available. If any of you know of any stores that sell containers that are 12 inch square and fit our color scheme, please write us. We are having trouble matching the colors perfectly. We initially found a few at Target, but since then I think they have discontinued them. We ended up buying a few, but then we went back they were all gone. Neither the Turlock nor the Modesto stores had them… Bummer.

I anticipate the next post will be pics from the nursery. After I varnish the paintings I’ll hang them, and then let the world see how far we’ve come. I’m not sure how exciting the reveal will be. It really is nothing special, and it IS a work in progress. We ordered accent curtains, etc, from Babies-R-Us, but it said 4-5 weeks for delivery, so I doubt we’ll ever get them. So don’t expect a magnificent reveal. That will, of course, be the birth of the baby.

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  1. yukonbound
    April 15th, 2010 at 02:32 | #1

    Love the art! What a blessed little baby to wake up every morning and see such inspiring colorful sites. How can you not be a baby in a good mood after smiling back at Horton and the gang! – Tammy G.

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