Baby Registry

Baby Registry

Here we are, the moment everyone was waiting for: No, not the birth. I’m talking about buying stuff!

We decided to register at both Babies”R”Us and Target. We figured that while not everyone has a ‘BRU’ (Babies”R”Us), most cities have a Target nearby.

However, for some reason neither registry is easy to find online. It even took us a few tries to log in to our own at ‘BRU’ because they screwed up the registration when we signed up at the store. Not only did they misspell our username, but our password was incorrectly input as well. That was a fun one to figure out. Eventually we worked it out much like Nicholas Cage did in National Treasure. All we needed was a little lemon juice, the Declaration of Independence, and hair extensions. But I digress…

So without further ado:

Registry #: 45010993
Registrant: Andrea Akers
Co-Registrant: Eric Akers
I couldn’t for the life of me find a direct link to our registry. I say the best way is to use the “Search By” > registry #> 45010993 when signing in at this link:

Registry #: 014399701024681
Parents: Andrea Masellis-Akers & Eric Akers
Direct link, Yay!:

There you have it. If after all that, you still can’t find either, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you just weren’t cut out for the internet. But somehow you got here, so maybe there is hope for you yet!

Snarkiness aside, we want to thank everyone that’s visited this blog so far, and I hope we’ve made it entertaining. By no means are we telling you to buy us a baby present. We just know that some of you were waiting to know where to shop. However nothing can top the beautiful gift we will be unwrapping in 2 months and 16 days, but of course, you can try!

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