Potty TRAINED (whoop whoop!)

Potty TRAINED (whoop whoop!)

Yes, that’s right. I know I alluded to it in the last post, but it seems that Frances has really turned the corner and is finally potty-trained. And actually, once we just said the heck with it and just put her in panties, it was a pretty fast process. We knew she loved Thomas the

In the first few days of training we had to bribe her with toys for sitting down on the potty
In the first few days of training we had to bribe her with toys to sit down on the potty

Train, so we got her some Thomas the Train panties. No big deal, right? Well, the first accident had her really upset with herself that she got Thomas dirty. After that, accidents were very few and far between. Thank you, Thomas, you’re a savior! I know there could always be setbacks, but I’m confident in her and this blog post. She doesn’t even ask for a reward for going potty now.

True Story: I go upstairs the other morning to get her and Eloise clothes for the day. I leave Frances at the dinner table eating breakfast. I come back downstairs a few minutes later to find her sitting on her potty. She looks up at me and goes, “Dada, I go poo poo!” You gotta love that!

I just can’t believe how grown up she is getting. Each day she is getting smarter… and more cunning. Who knew children could be so diabolical. She knows just what buttons to push to attempt to get what she wants… She also knows exactly how to scream and throw a fit when she DOESN’T get what she wants. We’ve always been big believers in not saying NO directly, but point her in other directions and use positive reinforcement when possible… But JEEZUS, that’s so hard sometimes. Frances has probably been in “timeout” more than we care to admit, but sometimes that’s the only thing that works. Mostly we just ignore the flare ups and let her calm down. That seems to be working, as we have seen that her outbursts of defiance are shorter and less prevalent. Now we get downcast eyes with an “okay, dada”, coupled with a sad face as she shuffles away. Which in its own way really cute.

I don’t want to put out the perception that she’s a bad kid in any shape or fashion. She is awesome; hilarious and loving. She will come hug me when baby is crying and say “I love you, dada”. But it is kinda funny albeit a little sad when she calls for momma after waking up and if it’s me that goes to get her, she says sadly in her broken English: “No, Not you one…” and then proceeds to look defeated and cries. Thanks, Frances. I love you too.

She’s just a typical two and a half year old, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Eloise almost crawling, but mostly just chewing on her toys.
Eloise almost crawling, but mostly just chewing on her toys.

Eloise is doing great as well. She can sit up really well and is now army crawling. She can get up on her knees and rock, but she still hasn’t fully crawled yet. I suspect it’s coming in the next few days though.

We are finally sick free *knock on wood*. Can you believe that days after my last post, Eloise, Frances, and I got sick again!?!  This time with a pretty bad cold. I had a trip to Santa Barbara planned that I even had to cancel. With snotty noses and coughing all around, we are a sad bunch for a few days. Annie still remains unscathed through this bad flu season, and I can tell she is losing sympathy for me when I keep getting sick. I can be a big baby when ill, because despite this season, I’m hardly ever sick. This season it really has kicked my tail.

So to everyone out there, stay healthy, and wash your hands!


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