A few summer pictures

A few summer pictures

So….. Almost a year since my last post. Hmmm… I totally understand if everyone has bailed on this little blog. For those that have stuck around, here is your yearly update:

Summer is flying by and most of the birthdays have passed us. I turned 39 and inch closer to 40 every day now. It’s not really depressing, just an observation that time goes by even when we don’t want it to.

At the end of June Eloise turned 2. In less than a week Frances is turning 4. So how has life changed since August of my last post? One thing is for sure; it’s hard to document life when most of the milestones have passed… Walking, crawling, talking, all are now graduates. Now we are in the just living stage. And that’s kind of a big change I guess. Instead of living with two babies, we are living with 2 small fully-functioning humans. One of which is capable of doing almost anything herself.

Frances has grown to be a very smart, observant, determined, little girl. Like all 4 year olds, she is capable of her emotional outbursts that require a moment of time out, but most of the time, she is all “excuse me, please, and thank you”. I’m a proud parent of that girl.

Eloise, while also being a lovely young lady, is really a completely different kid than Frances. It’s funny how you can attempt to raise 2 children the same way, and get 2 completely different results. Ellie is smart and strong-willed like Frances, but just has a different personality all together. For one thing, she is a goofball. She likes to make us smile and laugh. Frances likes to dance, and Ellie likes to sing.

Frances still goes to gymnastics every week and will soon start soccer. Eloise completed her first year of preschool and I think she truly loved it. Even one of her teachers is now our goto babysitter.

So how have we changed as parents? Not much, really. After the first year with Eloise, i think we have hit our stride. With Frances doing everything first, we kind of know what to expect with Eloise. So far we’ve tackled her terrible twos pretty easily. We kind of laugh when our cute little toddler turns into the raging monster after being told she can’t have or do something. Her devastating fall to the floor and wailing at us like we are the worst people in the world is more comical than anything else.

But all in all, things are just so much easier as they grow older. Dining out is easier. Going on long trips is easier. Shopping is easier.

Having 2 kids is great. That’s why I’ll never mess it up by adding a 3rd. Never. Ever. Are you crazy?

Happy summer, everyone!

Here are a few pics to tide you over until the next post:

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