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Annie and Eric in San Francisco, Feb. 2006
Annie and Eric in San Francisco, Feb. 2006

Eric is a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Originally from a small farming community in Kentucky, called Stamping Ground, Eric grew up longing for something more than daily chores and long summer days working on the farm. Born to Michael and Judy Akers on July 10th, 1975, Eric grew up with an older brother: Todd, and older sister: Melissa (And in a recent acquisition, an honorary little sister, Sara). Although a very close family, Eric decided to move away from home following graduation from the University of Kentucky. In 1998, Eric began his quest of something more by moving West; first to Phoenix, then to Los Angeles, and ultimately to beautiful Santa Barbara, California. He is partners with Jeff Harris and Richard Sharpe in an online software company that has clients all over the country. He also has his own home recording studio where he continues to play guitar and write music. When not doing that, he likes to paint and he has operated his own freelance web and print design company since 1999.

Andrea, or Annie to her friends, was born to John and Susan Masellis on March, 17th 1979 (St. Patrick’s Day). She has a younger brother (also named John), that she is very close to. She too has a farming background. Her family for many years were fruit and nut farmers. Like Eric, Andrea was a gifted student who excelled in school. So much so that she received a scholarship to the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is now a special education teacher in sunny Santa Barbara. Andrea is an avid reader. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Harper Lee; she does not discriminate.

On a random night in 2005, Eric was invited to a poker party with his best friend Steve Reed. That night, on a normal pleasant summer evening, Eric and Annie met. Over the course of the following months, Eric and Annie slowly developed a close friendship, which soon evolved into something special.

In July of 2006, they took a well-deserved vacation to Italy together. Little did Annie know that Eric had a surprise in store. Although he intended to make it to Venice for the proposal, Eric couldn’t wait and let the romance and the spectacle of the Roman landscape persuade him to pop the question early. On an evening, after a wonderful dinner overlooking the Colosseum, Eric asked Annie to marry him.

Now here we are a few years later, ready to begin a totally new journey together. We are so excited to be sharing it with you.

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